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6 Celebrities Who Owe Their Smiles To Porcelain Veneers, Gum Trimming And Other Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Posted on April 23, 2014 by Dr. Mal Braverman

It’s fairly easy to forget that celebrities and television stars aren’t always naturally beautiful. They often look stunning on screen, and they make it seem so utterly effortless.

However, it’s not always effortless. From hiring personal trainers and visiting dieticians to investing in cosmetic dental procedures, celebs spend a lot of time, effort and resources on perfecting their image.

Stunning smiles aren’t just reserved for celebrities, though. If you want to improve your look with veneers, bonding, whitening or gum trimming in NYC, we can help.

Dr. Mal Braverman has crafted beautiful smiles for models, movie stars and TV personalities, and he can craft one for you, too. Call our office today at 212-688-3838 to arrange a consultation.

1. Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff got porcelain veneers in 2008 and, with the help of various whitening treatments, sports a beautiful, natural-looking smile today.

2. Zac Efron

When Zac Efron first began acting, he had a fairly wide gap between two of his front teeth. Whether he received his cosmetic dental procedures in NYC or LA is irrelevant to his Hollywood heartthrob status.

3. Tom Cruise

The ultimate guys’ guy and one of the most popular ladies’ men just happen to be the same person: Tom Cruise. Cruise’s teeth were misaligned until he was 39.

Despite his successful career up to that point, he still decided to have several cosmetic dental procedures, which greatly improved his own self-confidence.

4. Kate Beckinsale

Though Beckinsale hasn’t admitted to exactly which procedures she’s undergone, experts speculate that she has had gum trimming and professional whitening done.

5. Miley Cyrus

When Miley Cyrus first started singing and acting, she had a bit of a snaggle-toothed look. After turning 15, she underwent several cosmetic dental procedures, including getting porcelain veneers and whitening treatments.

6. Victoria Beckham

When Victoria Beckham was growing up, she was reportedly very ashamed of her smile. Her teeth were misaligned, and she had a fairly prominent gap in the front.

Beckham opted for veneers and whitening treatments when she reached adulthood, which gave her the smile that you see today.

For All Your Cosmetic Dental Procedures In NYC

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If you’re in need of cosmetic dental procedures in NYC, don’t wait. You don’t have to be a celebrity to visit our office.

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