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Cosmetic Dentistry In NYC Can Fix Numerous Tooth Problems

Posted on November 14, 2013 by Dr. Mal Braverman

Dental implants allow missing teeth to be replaced permanently by inserting a titanium rod into the bone of the jaw itself. The bone grows around the post and holds the tooth firmly in place. This can be a great way to replace lost teeth to recreate a full smile, and implants have many benefits over dentures and other procedures.

Dr. Braverman in NYC provides a full range of cosmetic dentistry to create beautiful smiles. He can fix discolored and misaligned teeth, as well as missing, chipped or broken teeth. To make an appointment, Call Him At 212-688-3838 Today!

Dental Implants Give A Long-Lasting Solution To Missing Teeth

Dental implants have many benefits over other cosmetic procedures, such as bridges, partial dentures or full dentures, when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

1) Restored Mouth

Implants restore teeth as much as possible to their original, natural state by replacing the entire missing tooth, including the root. As a result, it creates greater stability that allows for more natural chewing.

The look of implants is also more natural. In fact, when the patient smiles, nothing will look fake or artificial, and it also feels natural inside the mouth.

2) Protects Bone Integrity

Missing teeth can cause the bone of the jaw to diminish over time. This gives a distinctive sunken look to the face. By placing a root back into the bone structure, implants encourage bone growth and maintain the integrity of the jaw.

This prevents a sunken look from developing. It also keeps teeth from sliding over to fill in gaps, which can make teeth become more spaced out, creating numerous gaps.

3) Easier Dental Hygiene

It is much easier to care for an implant, which behaves like a regular tooth and can be brushed and flossed alongside the other teeth. Dentures, for example, require removal and special cleaning, and a bridge can require a floss threader.

4) Better Appearance

Implants are particularly important for replacing front teeth, where any bone defect can greatly affect the appearance. They create a natural-looking smile, and people won’t even be able to tell that the implants are not the original teeth.

These are just a few examples of the benefits of using implants to replace missing teeth. Dr. Braverman in NYC can recommend this or any number of other procedures. For the best in cosmetic dentistry, make an appointment today. Call Him At 212-688-3838 Today!

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