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Create A Dental Plan To Promote Your Health

Posted on February 14, 2014 by Dr. Mal Braverman

Your dental health is an extremely important aspect to living a healthy life, and it requires more care than simply brushing and flossing. Consider the below steps to promote a healthy and beautiful smile.

1. Ask for individual advice. When you are meeting with your dental specialist, ask about the best way to care for your mouth. Everyone is different and has different needs, so your dental health may require different steps than others. For example, if you have braces, your healthy mouth routine will be different from someone who does not have braces.

2. Follow a daily routine. Once you understand your individual needs, maintain healthy habits by performing your daily routine in the morning and at night. Brush your teeth twice a day, and make sure to floss at least once a day.

3. Use products with fluoride. Fluoride both strengthens teeth and prevents decay, and it is especially important for children with developing teeth. You may need to take additional supplements of fluoride. Ask your dentist about your needs.

4. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Reduce your sugar intake, including soft drinks and sugary snacks, and eat a variety of healthy foods.

Once you create a healthy dental plan, make sure to maintain it daily for optimal results. If you are in need of an experience professional, call Dr. Braverman at 212-688-3838 to schedule an appointment.

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