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Dental Veneers And Other Treatments For Tooth And Gum Problems

Posted on December 2, 2013 by Dr. Mal Braverman

Cosmetic dentists have many tools for correcting and treating problems that affect the appearance of teeth and gums. Some problems can be covered over with dental veneers. Other problems, like gum disease, require periodontal treatment to diminish the appearance of red, swollen and bleeding gums.

Dr. Mal Braverman in NYC is a trusted source for all cosmetic dental procedures, and many celebrities have relied on him to create beautiful smiles for the camera. From dental veneers to periodontal treatment, he can make sure you have a healthy and attractive smile.

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Periodontal Treatment In NYC Can Alleviate Discomfort And Pain

Many adults in the U.S. suffer from periodontal disease, whether it’s a mild inflammation of the gums or a more serious version of the disease that causes major damage to the gums and underlying bones. The long-term danger of gum disease being untreated is the loss of teeth.

Proper hygiene and dental care are the best ways to prevent, slow or stop the development of periodontal disease. It often results from the build-up of plague on the teeth, which is a combination of bacteria and other particles that form on the teeth and especially along the gum line.

Symptoms Of Periodontal Disease

Gum disease can develop quietly over time without any major symptoms. By the time the symptoms appear, it is usually a late stage in the development of the disease, and treatment is imperative. Here are some of the more common symptoms that people experience:

–Swollen and reddened gums

–Tenderness or pain in the mouth

–Bleeding while brushing or flossing

–Receding gums that make teeth seem longer

–Loose teeth

–Gaps between the gums and teeth

–Sores inside the mouth

–Chronic bad breath

–Changes in the way teeth fit together

Treatment will include both non-surgical treatments for gum disease, as well as cosmetic procedures to correct damage that might alter the appearance of the teeth. It might include scaling and root planing to clean deeply along the root surface and remove plaque (Read more about periodontal treatment here).

It might also include implants to replace teeth that have fallen out as a result of periodontal disease that reached an advanced stage. There are ways to help regenerate bone, gum grafts and many other techniques to restore a healthy smile and gums.

If you experience some of the symptoms of periodontal disease, let Dr. Mal Braverman in NYC help. He can recommend just the right treatments

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