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Dentistry Today Is Unlike Anything You May Have Experienced as a Kid

Posted on August 12, 2013 by Dr. Mal Braverman

If you had bad experiences with dentists growing up, first of all, today’s top dentists are very sorry that you had to go through it. Great dentistry does not have to be frightening. Second, it’s time you learned what dentistry today is like.

Offices today often look more like day spas, and dental office staff members are trained in patient care and comfort and understand just how far compassion can go with dental patients. There are even sedation options for those with extreme dental anxiety. Here are some things you should know about dentistry in today’s world.

You Have Better Options for Braces

A mouth full of metal may be endearing on a 12-year-old, but adults naturally tend to shy away from orthodontia, even if they could really benefit from it. However, today’s orthodontic technology like Invisalign braces, straighten and beautify smiles almost invisibly. Furthermore, Invisalign braces are removable for eating and taking care of daily dental hygiene. No more trying to thread floss between brackets and wires!

Whiten Teeth in One Visit

You may be dismayed to find that no matter how diligent you are about dental hygiene, your teeth still dull over time. It happens to everyone, but now you have more whitening options than ever. In-office power bleaching can keep your teeth bright for years with proper care. The futuristic BriteSmile in-office bleaching uses gentle bleaching gel along with gas plasma technology to remove years’ worth of stains in a single, one-hour visit.

Fillings Don’t Have to Be Unsightly

Old fashioned amalgam fillings are, frankly, not attractive. Tooth-matching fillings in ceramic or composite materials are unnoticeable, and in many cases they are actually a better choice for filling material because they can strengthen teeth, unlike amalgam. See your dentist regularly and you can prevent many cavities, plus, dentists can find cavities when they’re still tiny, so you have the maximum number of possible treatment options.

Dentures Have Changed Dramatically

If you or someone you love has dealt with slipping, clicking, ill-fitting dentures, something better is available. Denture attachments have improved, and dental implants can make dentures unnecessary. Dental implants are expensive, but they can prevent the need to get new dentures every few years as fit deteriorates. Dental implants can be a permanent solution for those who have lost teeth.

There is no need to put off seeing a dentist. Techniques have advanced rapidly, and today’s dentists pay particular attention to patient comfort. What’s more, most dentists offer a variety of payment plans so that you can have a healthy, beautiful smile even if your means are limited.

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