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Have a Dull Smile? Here Are the Top 10 Things That Stain Your Teeth

Posted on August 29, 2013 by Dr. Mal Braverman

Great dental hygiene and regular dental checkups are the foundation for great looking teeth and a terrific smile. But over time, stains accumulate on teeth. Fortunately, effective teeth whitening options like BriteSmile are available from your dentist. If you undergo teeth whitening, you should make an effort to limit exposure to products known to stain teeth to keep them whiter longer. BriteSmile can make an enormous difference, but it isn’t permanent, so do your part by cutting back on or eliminating these things that stain teeth (listed alphabetically).

1. Artificially Colored Candy

Brightly colored hard candy packs a one-two punch. For one thing, the sugar sticks to the teeth and can harm enamel. For another, the artificial dyes can become embedded in teeth surfaces, causing stubborn stains.

2. Coffee

Americans love their coffee, but coffee is a major cause of stained teeth. The problem is, most of us don’t brush after coffee breaks, and so the coffee residue that remains in the mouth stays on the teeth. As coffee works its way into the spaces between teeth, it leaves ugly stains.

3. Curry

Red curry and yellow curry are delicious, but these spices have dyeing properties that go to work on your teeth when you enjoy a nice curry. If cutting back on this delicious seasoning isn’t something you want to contemplate, you should brush your teeth thoroughly after every curry.

4. Fruit Juices /


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