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Endodontist Treatment Can Alleviate Pain And Discomfort In NYC

Posted on February 7, 2014 by Dr. Mal Braverman

When you’ve got a tooth problem that affects the pulp inside the tooth, an endodontist can address the issue. The most common endodontal procedure is a root canal, in which infected tooth pulp is removed and the tooth sealed up.

Gum Treatment And Endodontal Care In NYC

Dr. Braverman offers a wide range of dental procedures to deal with all of your tooth problems, including endodontal care and gum treatment in NYC. To schedule an appointment, Call Him At 212-688-3838 Today!

Like Dr. Braverman, many dentists have received specialized training in order to provide endodontal care. When a patient has a damaged tooth, they will check to see if the pulp has been infected or become inflamed. Usually, pulp infections will be accompanied by pain, but this is not always the case.

In fact, infections of the pulp can require complex and delicate care, particularly when the affected tooth is a molar. A root canal can address this problem. During this treatment, the channel inside the tooth root is shaped and cleaned, and then, the tooth is filled and sealed.

Afterward, a tooth might be covered with a crown in order to protect it. Sometimes, an infection in the pulp can become bad enough that the gums are swollen and filled with pus. In that case, care will be taken to drain the pulp and gum area in order to alleviate the pain. Antibiotics may be inserted into pulp in order to fight the infection.

Besides root canals, endodontists are also called upon to treat broken teeth, to diagnose root problems and to replant teeth that have been extracted or knocked out. They also might be called into a hospital to examine a patient who has suffered some kind of dental trauma.

These are advanced treatments that require particular skill, training and experience. These problems are of a serious nature, so the procedures are about more than just improving cosmetic appearance. Endodontal procedures protect the patient from even worse symptoms and improve quality of life by alleviating sources of pain and discomfort.

When you have serious tooth problems that need to be addressed, it can be a comfort to know that the person who is treating you has specialized training and experience. Whatever your tooth problems, Dr. Mal Braverman can help. He offers a wide range of treatment options, including gum treatment and endodontist procedures in NYC.

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