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Energy Drinks Can Result in Slow Erosion of Teeth

Posted on August 24, 2015 by admin

According to the World Health Organization, a majority of sports or energy drinks contain nearly six to eight teaspoons of sugar per serving. This level is way above the daily recommended intake of sugar as per the World Health Organization guidelines. The excessive sugar and acid levels in energy and sports drinks such as Monster, RedBull, Gatorade and Powerade could result in erosion of the protective layer of the teeth, in turn leading to tooth decay due to acid erosion.

It is important to understand and teach the younger generation that soda is not the only harmful drink to stay away from. Many teens and adolescents are staying away from sodas because they understand the dangers it can bring upon their mouth, but instead they are drinking sports and energy drinks daily. These sports drinks and energy drinks have an extremely high sugar and acidity content which can be very harmful to our teeth.

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