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New iPhone Application Aims to Improve Oral Health

Posted on November 22, 2013 by Dr. Mal Braverman

You’ve been brushing your teeth all your life, but are you doing it right? A new iPhone application tracks your daily brushing habits and deliver tips and advice to help improve your oral health.

Developed by Oral-B, the new app is the first of a forthcoming group of digital tools that collect and analysis data to help users with their oral hygiene. The Oral-B app can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App Store and syncs with the Oral-B Deep Sweep and Oral-B Professional power brushes.

How does it work?

Sound recognition technology is used to time each brushing session and a special quadrant guide helps ensure that each area of the mouth is properly cleaned. The app even provides news and weather updates as well as oral care tips to keep users entertained during their daily routine, which should last for at least two minutes.

During the two-minutes session, the app lets users know how much time they should spend cleaning each area of their teeth, be it front, middle, or back teeth. The app even reminds them when it’s time to replace the heads of their power brushes.

At present, the Oral-B app is only available in American and Australian markets, but the brand has plans to expand to the British, German, and Japanese markets in the near future.

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