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Learning To Live With Your New Dentures

Posted on January 2, 2014 by Dr. Mal Braverman

It might surprise you to learn that most adults are missing at least one tooth. This is true of people in both rich and poor countries. In fact, a recent report from The American College of Prosthodontists found that 178 million Americans had lost a permanent tooth. As residents of the richest nation on Earth, U.S. citizens have more options when it comes to tooth replacement than most others. What is this most common choice?

As popular as dental implants and bridges have become, most folks still go with dentures when they require a dental prosthetic. Why dentures? For starters, they’re cheap! Both bridges and implants are much pricier than the old standby. Secondly, they can replace several teeth at once and dentures can be worn by almost everybody, which is not true of either dental bridges or implants.

What to expect

They may and probably will feel awkward for at least a few weeks. This is the most common complaint of new dentures wearers, and it can seldom be avoided. Like a new pair of shoes, dentures must be broken in. Your gums must also get used to nearly continuous contact with the prosthetic device. But don’t fret: most folks learn to love their dentures in time.

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