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More Than Half the Planet Needs Better Oral Health, New Study Finds

Posted on October 25, 2013 by Dr. Mal Braverman

Can you imagine a world where most people have bad teeth? No, we’re not talking about a planet dominated by the Pirates of the Caribbean. We’re actually talking about present-day Earth. According to a new study, nearly four billion human beings have bad teeth. That’s more than one in every two of us!

Conducted at the prestigious Queen Mary dental school at the University of London, the study took three years to complete. In addition to the bad news about the present state of human teeth, researchers also discovered that dental diseases as a group have risen by a whopping 20 percent in the past two decades!

Why is this happening?

The main reason for the deterioration of human dental health is the growing global population. Unfortunately, many of these new arrivals are born into poverty and do not have access to adequate dental care. Another obvious explanation is that life expectancy has increased, and teeth invariably get weaker the older they get.

As shocking as the numbers may be, the goal of the 500 scientists who took part in the study was a noble one: To raise awareness about the prevalence and danger of gum disease and cavities.

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