Sodas & Soft Drinks Are Biggest Culprits of Dental Erosion


Dental erosion occurs when the enamel (the hard, protective coating of the tooth) is worn away by too much exposure to acid. Erosion of teeth can result in pain, as it leaves the sensitive area of the tooth completely exposed.

Dental erosion can occur from many factors, but the most common and well known instance occurs from consuming an excessive amount of acidic foods/drinks. Think, all the diet and regular sodas, carbonated drinks, flavored fizzy waters, sports drinks, and fruit juices are all known to be harmful to our teeth if they consumed too often.

To help prevent dental erosion here are a few tips to follow when it comes to consuming acidic foods/drinks:

  • Keep acidic foods/drinks to a minimum & try to only consume during mealtimes. This can help to reduce the number of acid attacks on teeth
  • When drinking something acidic, drink it quickly as opposed to holding it in your mouth or “swishing” it around in your mouth. Avoid long contact with teeth.
  • When consuming acid, finish your meal with cheese or milk to help & cancel out the acid
  • Chew sugar free gum after eating. This can help to produce more saliva assisting in canceling out the acids that form in your mouth after eating

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