A Flossbrush Simplifies Flossing

A Flossbrush is like a soft and disposable toothpick with a brush on the end – think of it as dental floss on a toothpick. It is a woven mesh of floss that works two ways to safeguard your teeth and gums. Flossbrushes easily remove plaque from between the teeth, where most gum disease starts, and it releases fluoride to protect enamel. Periodontal disease is a major risk factor for heart disease and flossbrushes help to reduce this risk through good oral hygiene.They are also an excellent choice for the treatment of bad breath as buildup between the teeth are common causes.

People who have difficulty flossing due to tight teeth will appreciate flossbrushes because of the ease of use. Kids like how easy it is to get around their braces, and seniors and arthritis sufferers find it much easier to handle than tape. It’s thorough and yet gentle even on bridgework and implants. It works exceptionally well for people who need to apply special protective, cleaning and breath-freshening gels.

To prevent cavities and progressive gum disease, dentists and hygienists advise you to support your everyday tooth brushing by regularly cleaning between your teeth. A flossbrush facilitates and increases the cleaning capacity for your preventive oral care therapy. You cannot find a simpler, more efficient technique for daily cleaning and gum fitness than a flossbrush.

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