Oxyfresh Products

Bad breath and chronic bad breath (halitosis) affects millions of people. Most of the over counter products do not treat the cause of this problem, but merely act a temporary cover up. Ordinary mouthwashes are mostly alcohol [suspected intraorally as a carcinogen] which kills bacteria and temporarily helps but dries the mouth, making bad breath ultimately worse. Unlike ordinary mouthwashes, Oxyfresh bonds with the sulfur compounds which cause bad breath and prevents odors for 6 hours. Oxyfresh gels are also applied topically for the soothing and healing of tender and sore gum tissue.

Thousands of dentists use and recommend Oxyfresh’s safe, effective, and clinically proven oral health care products. These exceptional products improve your oral health with the very first use.

Millions of people enjoy safe, non-toxic products that contain Oxygene®. Oxygene® is the proprietary blend of stabilized chlorine dioxide, which oxidizes odor-causing molecules. Experience the difference for yourself — you’ll want to share Oxyfresh with everyone you know!

Oxyfresh products include:

  • Oxyfresh Oral Hygiene Kits
  • Oxyfresh Toothpaste
  • Oxyfresh Mouthrinses
  • Oxyfresh Dental Gels
  • Oxyfresh Oolitt Elite Tongue Scraper
  • Oxyfresh BrushPicks®
  • Oxyfresh Fresh Breath Mints
  • Oxyfresh Benefit Toothbrush
  • Oxyfresh Tooth Whitening Gel

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