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Periodontal Treatment in New York City

Many people have gum disease without having any symptoms. Regular periodontal exams and dental cleanings are critical in maintaining healthy gums. During your exam, Dr. Braverman or a hygienist will inspect the color and firmness of your gums. Your teeth will be evaluated and tested for any looseness. Your bite will also be examined and checked. Then a small dental measuring instrument will be gently inserted between the tooth and your gum to measure the depth of your pockets. The normal depth for pockets is 1-3 millimeters. Additionally, X-rays may be taken at times to evaluate any changes in your bone supporting your teeth.

Mal Braverman DMD FADFE recognizes that each patient is different in their individual ability to resist diseases. Should you have periodontal disease, today’s advanced treatment procedures can usually save most teeth and your smile.

NYC Cosmetic Dentistry Center Specialists

A great advantage of having an on staff periodontist is the coordination between Dr. Braverman and Dr. Heering of the restorative and the soft tissue components of dental care. As a specialist in gum and bone surgery, the periodontist places all implant fixtures and Dr. Braverman places the crowns or restorative component. A periodontist is Dr. Braverman’s preference to an oral surgeon for implant placement because of the critical nature of the aesthetic concerns with regard to the gums. It is also a perfect fit when gum recession, either from disease or surgical procedures, requires crown restoration. This is called perio prosthesis or dental reconstruction.

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