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New York City Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry can be used to repair or restore smiles and oral functions. Missing teeth aren’t just a cosmetic blemish but they can also impair a patient’s ability to eat and speak. When a tooth is lost, there is the possibility of other teeth shifting to occupy this space, and while moving teeth can then, in turn, become crooked. Treat these issues sooner than later with our prosthetic solutions.

About Dr. Braverman

Dr. Mal Braverman’s cosmetic dentistry expertise lies in the continuous improvement of the latest dental techniques. He has worked with actors, actresses, models, and everyone in between to create aesthetic smiles for over 25 years. He was featured in the 2003 issue of Time Out New York as one of the top cosmetic dentists in NYC.

Dr. Braverman also specializes in prosthetic dentistry. Prosthetic dentistry is an important aspect of creating not only a white, beautiful smile but also a healthy one. Dental Bridges serve as protectors of the existing, treated teeth underneath and partial dentures replace some of the teeth in your mouth and use special attachments to help hold them in place.

He is a co-founder of the American Academy of Dentistry New York chapter. To be the leader in this field, Dr. Braverman organizes and leads meetings for other dentists in this field to improve the technique and continue to innovate. As a top NYC Cosmetic Dentist, he was invited to the “Smile Studio” radio show for a questionnaire on all aspects of cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry. He and his team will always carefully evaluate all the clients and make sure that they are happy with their new, improved smiles.

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Missing teeth can cause your remaining teeth to shift, and therefore affect your bite, your ability to chew or talk, and potentially affect the symmetry of your face. Prosthetic dentistry provides two solutions to resolve the issue of missing teeth. While both Bridges and Dentures fill spaces between teeth, it’s important to understand which option is better for your case. Dental Bridges act as a restorative bridge across a gap of missing teeth, usually bonded to your teeth permanently. Dentures are made as a removable plate affixed with your permanent teeth. Our experienced team will be happy to help you understand what the best prosthetic dentistry solution for your situation would be. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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